Dealing with a strong willed child

The struggle is real. 

If you have a strong willed child in your family, you know the struggle is real. The baby of our family, little miss Aubree Jade, is definitely a strong willed child. She is nothing like her brother Reid. Reid is our sweet sensitive little man would loves to snuggle and hug. He doesn’t mind sharing, or playing quietly in his room. Aubree knows exactly what she wants, and will do anything necessary to get it. She does not take no for an answer.. and honestly she is absolutely exhusting sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world! I think it’s great that she is not afraid to stand up for herself and will fight for what she wants.

How to deal with a strong willed child 

I am also a preschool teacher, so I deal with my fair share of strong will children on a daily basis. Put a few strong willed 3 and 4 year old together and it makes for a very interested day. I must say, my job keeps me very very busy! I’ve picked up a few tips during my journey of raising my own strong willed children, and having them in the class room.


My go to strategy is to redirect the child. Sometime I can avoid a tantrum all together just by simply distracting the child with something different to do.


Let them choose. Strong willed children like to be in control and make decisions on their own. Give them independence to make those decisions on their own.


Make sure they know who is in charge. A strong willed child will try to test your authority often. Be a strong leader and always make sure they know who’s boss.


Listen to the child. If the child is voicing concern over something, that means it is very important to the child at that moment. Listen to what they have to say and validate their feelings.


And of course, praise the good. If the child helps clean up, or sets the table for dinner, make sure you praise her good behavior!

It’s not easy dealing with a strong willed child but with patients and persistence you will get through it!

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