How to survive 2 under 2

Reid and Aubree are only 6 days shy of being exactly 12 months apart. Reid was born March 30, 2014 and Aubree arrived March 24, 2015. I still remember finding out that we were expecting again.  It came as a huge shock to my husband and I. Reid was only 2 months old. Life was already crazy with a newborn baby. Not only was Reid a newborn but he was premature. He had just came home from the hospital only a month before we found out about the new pregnancy. Initially, I panicked. So many thoughts and questions running through my head. Would this baby be ok? Will this baby make it to term? How could I raise 2 babies? How could this be possible? But i’m here, and i’m doing it. And guess what? life is not as hard as it originally seemed. You adjust. All the chaos just becomes your new normal. That’s why i like to say, “may your coffee be stronger then your toddler(s).”

Reid was born premature and had developmental delays. So he was very much still a baby when Aubree came home from the hospital. In fact, he had just learned to crawl a few days before she was born. He was still taking a bottle and was still on a formula combination because he needed the extra nutrition. I remember coming home from the hospital. As soon as I sat on the couch, Reid was fussing, Aubree was screaming, both of them needed me, and i was terrified.

Life with two babies under the age of two is not easy by any means, but I have found some tips and tricks to making life a little easier. I hope these ideas can help you as much as they have helped me. And remember, it does get easier.

Wear your newborn. Reid was a needy baby and liked to be held. I found that wearing Aubree in a moby wrap made my life a little easier. I was able to hold Aubree and Reid at the same time. I could also hold Aubree and still use my hands to make bottles and clean up the house. It was a life saver honestly.

Take the help. We all need a break sometimes. And most people are more than willing to help out. I remember being pregnant with Aubree. I was miserably sick. I had terrible morning sickness with her. It was so bad that I lost 40 pounds while pregnant and had to take medication daily to help with the morning sickness. Aubree’s pregnancy was also a high risk pregnancy. I had weekly ultra sounds to measure baby and my cervix. Ask how i did that with an infant on my hip. It wasn’t easy! Anyways, I remember laying on the living room floor with Reid, on a pile of blankets that I laid out so he could roll around and play with his toys, and so that i could attempt to vegetate and try not to hurl every 5 minutes. I was so miserable. I felt like a terrible mother. Here was my tiny little new baby, who wanted all of my attention, and I couldn’t give it to him. Talk about mom guilt. All I wanted to do was play with him and spend as much time with his as possible before the new baby came, but I could hardly get through the motions of the day. My aunt and grandma came to my rescue. They cleaned my house from top to bottom, and even took Reid out for a few hours.That day meant so much to me. It was so nice not having to worry about cleaning the house, and even getting a few guilt free hours of sleep. 

Get on a schedule. I can not stress enough how much this has saved my life. Before Aubree was born my kids really did not have much of a schedule. But once i had both of the babies i realized if i wanted any time to myself, and any type of sanity in the house, everyone needed to be on a schedule.  

Wake up before the kids. I know this wont be for everyone, but to me this has been a very important part of my day. I get up before my kids so i can have some “me” time. I get up and use this time to get ready for the day. I can take a peaceful shower, do my hair, get the diaper bag packed and ready for the day. That way when the kids wake up, all of my attention and energy can be focused on them. Some people think i’m crazy, but this makes me feel so much better and keeps me more organized and prepared for the day.

Keep your expectations low. Realize that your house isn’t going to be spotless. Get your basics done and don’t stress the rest for awhile.

Cabin fever is real. Being cooped up the house all week with two babies is enough to make anyone crazy. Try to get out at least once a week. Even just for an hour or two. Its worth it.

Remember to enjoy it. Yes, life is crazy. But I promise, one day you will miss this.





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